Botanical History

Botanists Celebrated this Month


Why Should We Care About Botanists?

Understanding the work of botanists makes you a better gardener. It's that simple.

Learning about the work of botanists through the ages gives you a deeper appreciation for and understanding of plants.

Believe it or not, our gardens tell the story of these brave men and women who traveled the globe to find new plants to delight, feed, and heal us.

In a world that is increasingly more chaotic and high tech, anchoring ourselves in botanical history is grounding and worthwhile.

So, while most of the dear souls I talk about on the podcast have left us, their legacy lives on in their work and, in many cases, in our own back yards.

It is unfortunate that most of the world's botanical history is not taught in schools.

For centuries, the subject belonged to academia and the church.

Don't feel bad if you feel like you're starting from scratch.

I did. We all do.

My hope is that by listening to the show, you'll learn more about the important work of botanists.

To that end, I believe you will find that you are a more inspired, thoughtful, curious, eager, and appreciative gardener.

The felling of the first tree is the beginning of human civilization.
The felling of the last is his end."

– August Wilhelm Eichler, German botanist

Botanical Suggestions...

If you have a botanical person you would like to see featured on the show, let me know.

If you're looking for someone to showcase a gardener, botanist, greenhouse grower, plant explorer, professor, nursery, plantspeople, horticulturist, or even average everyday folks with green thumbs - I'm your gal.

Please let me know all about them!

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