Unearthed Words

As Heard on The Daily Gardener podcast

Unearthed Words
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All the words shared on The Daily Gardener podcast.

Garden Failures

I Love My Garden, And I Love Working In It

The Sleep of Seeds

Bed in Summer

Deep Summer

For Flowers That Bloom About Our Feet

God’s Garden

If Words Are Seeds

Summer is the Time

Dog Days

An Afternoon in July

Ah, Summer

Cool in the Very Furnace of July

Here are Sweet Peas

Hot Lavender, Mints, Savory, Marjoram

Love in a Mist

The Marigold

Physoplexis comosa

Midsummer Night Itch

The Poetry of Earth is never Dead

The Butterfly’s Ball, and the Grasshopper’s Feast


All Nature Has a Feeling





A Corymbus for Autumn

Sonnet 7

Eating a Homegrown Tomato

When You Get Your First Asparagus

Home Grown Tomatoes

We Go in Withering July

My Garden is an Honest Place

There is a Lovable Quality About the Actual Tools.

Parsley in the Garden

Always Explore Your Garden

The Vegetable Garden

Who Could Ask for More?

Someone Who Knows a Little Bit Less Than You.

The Dormouse and the Doctor

The Violet and the Bee

Falling Asleep in the Garden

The Dandelions and Buttercups Gild All the Lawn

Answer July

The Hum of Bees

The Rose

A White Rose

The Roses Get it

Where You Tend a Rose

The Modest Rose Puts Forth a Thorn

I Have a Garden of My Own


How Does the Meadow Flower its Bloom Unfold


In the Meadow – What in the Meadow?


All in June


Ring Time on a Tree


Leith Races

The Summer of All-Saints!


Summer Rain

If the First of July be Rainy Weather

Hot July Brings Cooling Showers

The Months

Autumn Within

There is a Privacy About Winter

In the Depths of Winter

Gray Skies Above Us

I Prefer Winter and Fall

Winter a Lingering Season

The Grim Frost is at Hand


Shut Out

The Dead of Winter

On the Roughest Days of Winter

Bluebird Blue

How Strangely Inaccurate

A Vegetable that can Make People Laugh

There Are Many in This Old World of Ours

The Months

November Through A Giant Copper Beech


Stick Season

November Comes and November Goes

The Melancholy Days Are Come

Is Not This a True Autumn Day

I am Quite Wicked With Roses

You Love the Roses so do I

It Never Rains Roses

The Norway of the Year

So Dull And Dark Are The November Days


I Prefer Winter and Fall

November, Remembering Voltaire  

Indian Summer

Autumn Gold

If I Had a Flower For Every Time I Thought of You

Gardening is Not a Rational Act

A Virgin Wearing a White Ruff

People Who Make Us Happy

Every Landscape is a State of the Soul


Welcome Wool Sweaters


The Wind that Makes Music in November Corn

Two Sounds of Autumn

Most People Early in November

After Apple Picking

All in November’s Soaking Mist

November Mist

Walking Down the Country Road

Song of Hiawatha

Nature is Above All Profligate

November Night

November’s Sky is Chill and Drear

If There’s Ice in November

In Spring When Maple Buds Are Red

Woodbines In October

Corn and Grain

A Song of October

Autumn Movement

October’s Party

Autumn Song

Nature 27 – Autumn

Can Words Describe the Fragrance

Long After Their Associates Have Gone Southward

The Scarlet of Maples

The Summer was Very Big

October is Nature’s Funeral Month

Every Green Thing

The Month of Departure

Nature Glories in Death

Everyone Must Take Time

Summer is Better but the Best is Autumn

October’s Poplars

Breathed From a Woman’s Heart

On Every Stem, on Every Leaf

But Friendship is the Breathing Rose

There is No Time Like the Old Time

Youth Fades, Love Droops

Come Said the Wind

All Will Pass

Her Lips Like Foxgloves, Pink and Pale

It is Useful to Think about Plants

A Walk Around the Lake

Death is the Mother of Beauty

I Certainly do not Exist

Moisture and Heat

Only the Perishable

Now That’s Something – Discovering New Primroses

Trying to Plant Cut Flowers

All Things on Earth Point Home in Old October

A Garden is Not the Wilderness

Come Back

On the Last Day of the World

How Beautiful Leaves Grow Old

The Beauty of Sparseness

Autumn Arrives Early in the Morning

I Grow Old, I Grow Old

Where Sucks the Bee Now

Youth is Like Spring

September Gust

When the Goldenrod is Yellow

Under the Harvest Moon

Spring Flowers are long Since Gone

Caught in the Doldrums of August


The Milkweed

But Now in September,

Golden-bell Clematis


Iris Siberica


Summer Hyacinth

A Great Deal of Weeping

Why Gardens are Increasingly Precious



Regal Lily

Algerian Iris

The Design a Gardener Imposes

A Small, Sad, Neglected-Looking Pink or Peony

People Who do Not Like Geraniums

If All Men Were Gardeners

A Cyclamen Bloom

It Was Not Till I Experimented With Seeds

I Had Never Taken a Cutting Before

It’s Designed to Break Your Heart

Thoughts in a Garden

September Song

She Had Only to Stand in the Orchard


Quinnipeague in August

A Year’s Windfall

My Garden My Self


A Cool Cloak of Bracing Air

Advancing Autumn

In the Garden, Autumn Is

A Hand Came Out of August

August’s Here Again

August Creates as She Slumbers

Plant A Garden

My Victory Garden

The Summer’s Last Stand

The Month of August Had Turned into a Griddle

August Rain

Their Lonely Betters

The Last Days at Teddington

The Summer is No Longer Alive

An August Noon

Fairest of Months! Ripe Summer’s Queen!

In August, the Large Masses of Berries

Summer is Delicious

O Sound to Rout the Brood of Cares


I Don’t Believe That Grief Passes Away

Nature is Party to All

Dew-Wet Red Berries

Three Flowers

The English Winter Ending in July


Ah, Summer

Who Could Ask for More?

A Swarm of Bees in July

We Go in Withering July

The Glowing Ruby

If the First of July be Rainy Weather


Summer Rain

Flowers Reflect the Human Search for Meaning

Only the Sunny Days Should be Remembered

Midsummer Night Itch

The Pink Rose

How Often Are the Beauties

Each Opening Bud

Ordinary Changes of Nature

Gardening is Civil and Social

What You See

A Different Drummer

I Have Great Faith in a Seed



Answer July


And Here are Butterflies Poor Things

Ring Time on a Tree

A Kernel is Hidden in Me

Trees Are Sanctuaries

The Violet

I Have Never Seen a Fairy

White Clover Fairy

Forget-Me-Not Fairy

The Glory of the Garden

June Was Made for Happiness

Beauty is meaningless

The Thing I Care Most About

The Plant is Blind

And the Time Sundials Tell

Locked Into its Roots

A Seed to be Planted

Green Summer

A Piece of Our Heart

Summer Has Two Beginnings

The Secret Garden

Our Rose Tree

June is Bustin’ Out

What is One to Say About June

God Created June

If a June Night Could Talk

A Brilliant Night of June

In June

When Laughter is Sadder than Tears

Queen of the Garden

For My Remembering

Old Garden Chair

It is the Month of June

This Compost

The Lilac Fairy

I am Going to Sleep


The Naming of Plants

The Difference Between Humans and Animals


The Poet Naturalist

How Did it Happen That Their Lips Came Together

A Garden to Walk In

Sorrow is a Fruit

Life is the Flower

Pope’s Grotto

Song on May Morning

May and the Poets


The Redstart

White Stone Days

The Reward of the Young Scientist

An Admission of Ignorance

Hewett Cottrell Watson’s letter to Charles Darwin

Good Afternoon

Just Watching the Natural World

I Don’t Run a Car

Four Million Different Solutions

I Just Wish the World Was Twice as Big

Speak to the Listening Heaven

The Massachusetts Horticultural Society Meeting on May 6, 1946

Wood Fire Perfume

Blissful Memory of the Don

Gardening and Stonewall Jackson

A Man of Words and Not of Deeds