Monet’s Passion by Elizabeth Murray

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It's time to Grow That Garden Library with Today's Book Recommendation: Monet's Passion by Elizabeth Murray
Today's book is such a good one. I need to make sure to tell you that this is the 20th Anniversary revised edition. When Elizabeth's book first came out, it was an instant bestseller and deservedly so! 

Elizabeth Murray was uniquely qualified to write this book because she is both a professional gardener and an artist. But even better than her qualifications is her heart. When Murray saw Monet's garden Giverny in 1984 - her heart fell in love. Elizabeth worked to restore the garden, and she enjoyed privileges to Monet's garden that allowed her real intimacy with the space and with Monet's spirit.

Thanks to Murray, all of us can not only enjoy Monet's gardens on a deeper level, but we can breakdown what he was doing with color and balance and light. 
There is a fabulous 10-minute TED Talk by Murray that is available on YouTube. I shared it in The Daily Gardener Community on Facebook.  You are going to love meeting and learning from Elizabeth in this video. If you want to access it quickly - just search for Murray, and her Ted Talk will pop right up.

One thing I learned about Monet from reading Elizabeth's book, is that Monet was nearly blind during the later years. So, he painted his beautiful garden from memory in his studio. 

Elizabeth says,

"I find it deeply moving that we can create what we can imagine and that what we create can renew and transform others."

I love that sentiment. As a gardener, you are a creator. Your imagination takes your garden in all sorts of directions - thus, the quote that "Gardeners dream bigger dreams than emperors." So I ask you - what better use of your offseason is there than dreaming and planning and imagining all that you can create in your garden.

You can get a used copy and support the show, using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for under $8 - which is 75% off the regular price of the book.


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