Planting Tender Trees and Shrubs

While I was researching Leonard Mascall, I came across a bit of his advice regarding the placement of tender trees and shrubs. 
What I especially loved about this is the notion that even in the 1600s, gardeners would push zones a bit. This is from The Guardian (, Dec 9, 1891:

Mascall said,

"Commonly, the most part of trees do love the sun at noon, and yet the south wind is very contrary against their nature, and specially the almond tree, the apricot, the mulberry, the fig tree, the pomegranate tree."

A gardener remarked:

"I am sure there is much in this. It is quite certain that all Japanese trees like shade and a north aspect; and the finest most fruitful old mulberry tree that I have ever seen is at Rochester, growing in a corner where it looks to the north and east, and is thoroughly protected from the south and west." 

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