John Stewart Blackie on Meeting Tennyson

John Stewart Blackie

When I was researching Tennyson, I came across a story about a fan of his named Professor John Stewart Blackie.   Blackie was a Scottish scholar known for his wit and kindness, as well as his flamboyance.   In 1864, in one of his letters, Blackie described what it was like meeting Tennyson:   “The…

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August 6, 2019 Harvesting Tomatoes, Frank Cabot, Andy Warhol, David Fairchild, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Flora’s Dictionary by Kathleen Gips, Fall Sowing, and John Stewart Blackie

20200101 The Daily Gardener Album Cover

Well, the time we’ve waited for all year is here; it’s time to harvest tomatoes. I want to give you just a quick word of caution when it comes to harvesting your tomatoes. As gardeners, sometimes we wait too long to collect them. Sometimes that can be unintentional, and other times, we think that letting…

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