November 1, 2020 Carl Linnaeus, Charles Eliot, John Lindley, Russell Page, Maggie Dietz, The Garden-Fresh Vegetable Cookbook by Andrea Chesman, and John Lindley’s Unmade Bed

20200101 The Daily Gardener Album Cover

Today we celebrate the man who wrote Species Plantarum and gave us binomial nomenclature. We’ll also learn about the Boston Landscape Architect, who kept a journal of his favorite walks. We salute the British orchidologist who saved Kew Gardens. We also recognize the man who designed the garden at the Frick Museum in New York…

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November by Maggie Dietz


by Maggie Dietz Show’s over, folks. And didn’t October do A bang-up job? Crisp breezes, full-throated cries Of migrating geese, low-floating coral moon.   Nothing left but fool’s gold in the trees. Did I love it enough, the full-throttle foliage, While it lasted? Was I dazzled? The bees   Have up and quit their last-ditch…

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