October 4, 2022 Henry David Thoreau, Mary Hiester Reid, the Dahlia, Kerry Mousetail Fern, Amish Friends 4 Seasons Cookbook by Wanda Brunstetter, and Dorothy Frances Blomfield Gurney

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Subscribe Apple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher | iHeart   Support The Daily Gardener Buy Me A Coffee    Connect for FREE! The Friday Newsletter |  Daily Gardener Community   Historical Events 1852 On this day, Henry David Thoreau writes in his journal. The maples are reddening, and birches yellowing. The mouse-ear in the…

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April 10, 2018 Mary Hiester Reid, George Reid, Onteora, Duncan Sutherland Macorquodale, Mary Reynolds, Pruning Grapevines, and the First Arbor Day

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Just when you thought you had winter beat… You thought wrong. Surprise. Unpredictable weather. Dicey temperatures. Gardeners need resilience.   If Spring’s arrival is dashing your hope, start looking for the survivors in your garden, neighborhood, city, and social media feed.   Every Spring – no matter the conditions, there are successes. Hardy Daffodils. Forsythia.…

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Ode to Mary Hiester Ried

Ode to Mary Hiester Reid

by Duncan Sutherland Macorquodale This is a memorial poem for Mary Hiester Ried written by Canadian newspaperman and a native son of Scotland, Duncan Sutherland Macorquodale – reprinted in the 9th Volume of The Canadian Theosophist (Toronto) November 15, 1921, Vol 9. There’s a reference to Wychwood, Reid’s house, known as Upland Cottage. Wychwood is…

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