April 10, 2018 Mary Hiester Reid, George Reid, Onteora, Duncan Sutherland Macorquodale, Mary Reynolds, Pruning Grapevines, and the First Arbor Day

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Just when you thought you had winter beat… You thought wrong. Surprise. Unpredictable weather. Dicey temperatures. Gardeners need resilience. If Spring’s arrival is dashing your hope, start to look for the survivors in your garden. In your neighborhood. In your city. On your social media feed. Every Spring – no matter the conditions, there are…

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Ode to Mary Hiester Ried

Ode to Mary Hiester Reid

by Duncan Sutherland Macorquodale Free from the thrall called life,  Palette and brush laid down;  Off with achievement’s strife,  Donned the immortal’s crown;  Yet hovers she near ’neath the Wychwood tree,  This, the roses she painted, tell to me. Knelt not to gods of dress,  Knew naught of gossip’s blight,  Lived she to work and bless; …

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