May 21, 2019 Bolting Rhubarb, Alexander Pope, Henri Rosseau, Pope’s Grotto at Twickenham, The Land of the Blue Poppies, Frank Kingdon Ward, Installing Garden Paths, and Richard Walter Pohl

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Is your rhubarb bolting already? When your rhubarb seems to be bolting too early, ask yourself these questions… Is your rhubarb an heirloom or a new variety? Older varieties tend to bolt sooner. Try planting a newer variety. Is your rhubarb very established? The older your rhubarb, the quicker it bolts. If you divide your…

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Remembering Botanist Richard Walter Pohl and his Love for Costa Rica

Richard Walter Pohl

“When Richard died in 1993, one of his graduate students observed something uncanny: all the Costa Rican bamboo Richard had brought to the University Greenhouse were blooming.” May 21, 1916 On this day, botanist Richard Walter Pohl was born. Richard was an expert on the grasses of temperate and tropical America. He was an avid…

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