Plants Are Terrible People by Luke Ruggenberg

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It's Time to Grow That Garden Library with Today's Book: Plants Are Terrible People by Luke Ruggenberg
I had the pleasure of interviewing Luke a few years ago, and his love of plants and his sense of humor make for a delightful combination.
Luke has worked in horticulture for quite some time. This book gives you another crack at reading Luke’s hilarious take on his favorite pastime: gardening.
Personally, I love following Luke on twitter because his perspective is so original. He draws on the downright funny aspects of growing plants.
Despite (or perhaps because of) a childhood spent dodging falling apples in his Dad's orchard, Luke harbored a dormant love of all things horticultural until college, when his brother showed him how to germinate an avocado pit. That experience inspired Luke to change his major to Botany, and the rest is history.
In Luke's second book, a series of essays offer hilarity and heart as Luke reflects on life with THE MOST terrible people on earth: plants.
I love what IndieReader said about this book,
"It reads like the kind of far-flung ruminations a wacky mind might ponder during the mundane processes of working on a garden."
Luke's book would make a lovely gardener gift for the holidays for yourself or s for someone else - because it's the kind of book you can pick up and just read a funny story or two and then go about your day with a little boost of garden happiness and humor.
Best of all, it's Luke's passion for gardening and for life that makes his stories especially connect with those of us who give gardening our all.
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