A Year in Our Gardens by Nancy Goodwin and Allen Lacy

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It's Time to Grow That Garden Library with Today's Book: A Year in Our Gardens by Nancy Goodwin and Allen Lacy

This is a book of letters that were exchanged between Nancy Goodwin and Allen Lacy during one year between 1998 and 1999.

They were both enormously passionate gardeners and they drew inspiration from their shared zest for plants. Aside from sharing a growingng zone (7A), their gardens were very different.

Allen gardened on sandy soil on a small lot while Nancy battled rich clay loam on more than sixty acres.

Together Nancy and Allen swapped stories of their horticultural successes and failures; traded information about a great many plants; discussed their hopes, fears, and inspirations; and mused on the connections between gardening and music, family, and friendship.

I love what it says in the description of this book:

Any woman who buys a house because of the quality of its dirt is a true gardener.
Any man who reads garden catalogs word for word, cover to cover, is equally enthusiastic about plants.
Meet Goodwin and Lacy, two kindred spirits… who also reveal the changes in their lives, sharing their innermost feelings and experiences, as one does only with a very close friend.

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