Everlastings by Bex Partridge

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Everlastings by Bex Partridge
This book came out in 2020, and the subtitle is How to Grow, Harvest, and Create with Dried Flowers.
In this book, we learn so much about dried flowers from the floral artist Bex Partridge - the owner of Botanical Tales. A specialist in working with dried flowers - known as everlasting flowers - Bex inspires us to grow, harvest, and create with dried flowers.
Sharing her own wisdom from working with everlastings, Bex shares her tips for incorporating dried flowers into your garden planning and home decor.
Bex loves dried flowers, and she fervently believes that something magical happens to flowers when they're dried. Although their vibrancy may be slightly dulled by drying, Bex feels that ultimately drying magnifies the bloom’s beauty.
One tip that I learned from Bex is to target plants with woody stems because those plants tend to dry beautifully.
This book is 160 pages of Everlastings - preserved flowers, preserved memories, and magnified ethereal beauty that is everlasting.
You can get a copy of Everlastings by Bex Partridge and support the show using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $13


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