Imperial Nature by Jim Endersby

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Imperial Nature by Jim Endersby 
This book came out in 2010, and the subtitle is Joseph Hooker and the Practices of Victorian Science.
In this book, Jim provides a fantastic overview of a man he believes was the perfect embodiment of Victorian science. The Victorian era of science was marked by significant shifts in empire, professionalism, and philosophical practices.
An early believer in the work of his dear friend, Charles Darwin, Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker was a pioneer as a successful full-time scientist. Joseph was instrumental in getting Darwin's work published and publicized.
Joseph was an explorer, President of the Royal Society, and director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. 
In his position, Joseph masterfully coordinated and orchestrated the botanic gardens of the world. To Joseph, the botanic gardens were essentially laboratories to enhance the world's economy and promote trade. In 1877, Joseph was knighted for scientific services to the British Empire.
This book is 429 pages of the life of the brilliant pioneer and concise botanist Joseph Dalton Hooker.
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