Epitaph for a Peach by David M. Masumoto

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Epitaph for a Peach by David M. Masumoto

This book came out in 1996, and the subtitle is Four Seasons on My Family Farm.

This memoir is a personal favorite. Mas’s lyrical writing is a pleasure to read. Here are a few gems from the book:

A new planting is like having another child, requiring patience and sacrifice and a resounding optimism for the future.
I try to rely less and less on controlling nature. Instead, I am learning to live with its chaos.
Good neighbors are worth more than an extra sixteen trees.


Mas is an organic peach farmer who shares his story with humor, grace, and incredible insight into the natural world.

The New York Times said,

[Masumoto is] a poet of farming and peaches.


This book is 256 pages of thoughts on growing from a peach farmer with the soul of a poet.

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