The Art and Science of William Bartram by Judith Magee

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The Art and Science of William Bartram by Judith Magee

This book came out in 2007 and is one of the best authoritative books by William Bartram.

William was an eminent artist and naturalist, and he was one of the first people to explore the flora and fauna of the American Southeast between 1773 and 1777.

Bartram's work was sent to his patron back in London, and today, the London Natural History Museum houses most of William Bartram's drawings.

Judith's book showcased, for the first time, all sixty-eight Bartram drawings from the Natural History Museum, along with other pieces from his contemporaries.

This book also shares some of Bartram's writings and letters, proving that Bartram was influential during his lifetime and a beacon for the next generation of American naturalists.

Bartram's work had an impact beyond the world of science. Wordsworth, Coleridge, and other writers found the significance of Bartram's drawings and writing a source of inspiration.

Bartram accomplished so much during his lifetime, mainly because he was self-taught. Bartram's humility and compassion allowed him to spend time with Native Americans during his explorations. He became an authority on the birds of North America.

In 1773, William collected and propagated seeds from the Franklinia or the Franklin tree. The tree survives today, thanks to William Bartram.

This book is 276 pages of William Bartram's life and contributions in the context of modern scientific thinking.

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