Henry Wise

The Gardener for Queen Anne

 Today is the birthday of the English gardener, designer, and nurseryman Henry Wise who was born on this day in 1653.

One can't mention Henry Wise without talking about George London. The two worked together on gardens throughout England. The partnership began when Wise was a student in London.  When Wise came of age, he became London's partner at the Brompton Park nurseries.
Wise was one of the most excellent gardeners and plantsmen of his time. Together, he and London became THE designers to work for over two decades until London died in 1714.  Wise is remembered for being the gardener for Queen Anne, although he also managed the royal gardens during the reigns of William III and George I as well.
London and Wise designed formal baroque gardens. Think - box hedges, gravel walkways, beautiful statuary, and magnificent fountains.
Wise laid out the stunning avenue of Chestnut trees in England's Bushy Park as well as the walled kitchen garden made for the Duke of Marlborough in Blenheim, which thrills visitors still today.

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Henry Wise
Henry Wise

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