The Naming Error of the Lespedeza Genus


An Error in Names November 20, 1933   On this day, the Knoxville Journal shared a story called “Department Botanists Agree Too Late to Change – Lespedeza was named in Error.” Lespedeza (pronounced “Les-pah-dee-zah”) is a genus of around 40 species of flowering plants in the pea family, commonly known as bush clovers. The article…

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November 20, 2020 What to Know Before Planting Bulbs, Penelope Hobhouse, Richard Fagan, August Henry Kramer, Martine Bailey, Gardens of the Arts and Crafts Movement by Judith Tankard, and the Misnaming of Lespedeza

20200101 The Daily Gardener Album Cover

Today we celebrate the gardener and writer who turns 91 today. We’ll also learn about the man who created the world’s smallest rose garden. We’ll recognize the lost work of an American botanist and painter. We salute November with an excerpt from a book by an American historical crime novelist. We Grow That Garden Library™…

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