January 29, 2021 Eight Steps to Create a Stunning Winter Garden, Olga Owens Huckins, Larry McGraw, How Often Should You Prune Your Willows, Botanicals: 100 Postcards, and a Winter Joy: Scented Houseplants

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Today we celebrate a woman who helped change the way pesticides were used in the United States. We’ll also learn about the man who taught thousands of people how to prune and graft fruit trees and also founded the Home Orchard Society. We’ll hear about how to prune Willow (Salix) trees with one of my…

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Celebrating Bette Midler: A Rose for The Rose

Bette Midler

Everything’s Coming Up Roses December 1, 1945 Today is the birthday of American singer, songwriter, actress, comedian, and film producer Bette Midler born in Honolulu. In 1979, Bette starred in her first movie called The Rose. She didn’t win an academy award for her Rose performance; that award went to Sally Field for Norma Rae.…

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