April 3, 2020 Gardening for Resilience, Magnifying Glass for the Garden Tote, Nikolay Rumyantsev, John Burroughs, Kate Brandegee, Graham Stuart Thomas, The Overstory by Richard Powers, and The Wake-Robin by Rebecca Salsbury Palfrey Utter

20200101 The Daily Gardener Album Cover

Today we celebrate the birthday of a Russian Count who funded an expedition that led to the discovery of the California poppy. We’ll also learn about one of the country’s most beloved naturalists. We celebrate the life of the second woman to be professionally employed as a botanist in the United States. She died 100…

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The Wake Robin


by John Burroughs When leaves green and hardy  From sleep have just uncurled —  Spring is so tardy  In this part of the world —  There comes a white flower forth,  Opens its eyes,  Looks out upon the earth,  In drowsy surprise. A fair and pleasant vision  The nodding blossoms make;  And the flower’s name…

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