It’s the Little Things by Susanna Salk

It's the Little Things by Susanna Salk

As Heard on The Daily Gardener Podcast: It’s the Little Things by Susanna Salk This book came out in 2016, and the subtitle is Creating Big Moments in Your Home Through The Stylish Small Stuff. “In [It’s the Little Things] Susanna successfully celebrates those details in our homes where we express ourselves the most and where…

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August 15, 2020 Ground Cherries, Storm Damaged Garden, Karl von Schreibers, Elias Friesz, John Torrey, Walter Crane, Robert Bickelhaupt, National Relaxation Day, It’s the Little Things by Susanna Salk, and Arthur Tansley

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Today we remember the man who helped to establish the Natural History Museum in Vienna. We’ll also learn about the Swedish botanist who specialized in mycology. We salute the American botanist who wrote the Calendarian – a marvelous phenological record. We also recognize a fanciful botanical illustrator who anthropomorphized flowers in his book. We honor…

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