The Baconsfield and the Primrose

Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli was also dubbed the Earl of Beaconsfield. 
After he died, there was a little story that made the rounds in the papers called The Beaconsfield and the Primrose. I'll paraphrase it here:
Disraeli's fondness for the primrose originated from the time when he was living in Highbury, London.
Here, he was much attached to a young lady.
A ball was held and the young lady in question wore a wreath of primroses.
A bet was made between Mr. Disraeli and another gentleman as to whether the primroses were real or not.
The bet was for a pair of gloves. Turns out, the primroses were REAL primroses.
Disraeli got the gloves; and the lady? She gave a few primroses to the future prime minister, who put them in his buttonhole.
Thereafter, he had a fondness for the primrose.

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Benjamin Disraeli
Benjamin Disraeli

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