The Brother of Emily Dickinson

#OTD Emily Dickinson's brother, William Austin Dickinson, was born today (1829-1895). Of her brother she said,
“There was always such a Hurrah wherever you was”
William was the oldest of the three Dickinson kids. William was about eighteen months older than his sister Emily. He tried his hand at teaching but ended up becoming a lawyer, following in the footsteps of both his grandfather Fowler and his father, Edward.
When they were young, Emily was very close to her brother. When he was away from home, her letters to him show their common interests and her love for him. She wrote,
"Our apples are ripening fast—I am fully convinced that with your approbation they will not only pick themselves, but arrange one another in baskets, and present themselves to be eaten".

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William Austin Dickinson

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