Where Sucks the Bee Now

by Felicia Hemans

Where sucks the bee now? Summer is flying,
Leaves round the elm-tree faded are lying;
Violets are gone from their grassy dell,
With the cowslip cups, where the fairies dwell.

The rose from the garden hath passed away
Yet happy, fair boy, is thy natal day!
For love bids it welcome, the love which hath smiled
Ever around thee, my gentle child!

Watching thy footsteps, and guarding thy bed,
And pouring out joy on thy sunny head.
Roses may vanish, but this will stay
Happy and bright is thy natal day!




Today is the birthday of the English poet Felicia Hemans who was born on this day in 1793. She wrote this charming garden poem to honor one of her five sons on his autumnal birthday.

As featured on
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Words inspired by the garden are the sweetest, most beautiful words of all.
Where Sucks the Bee Now
Felicia Hemans
Felicia Hemans

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