Emily Dickinson’s Gardens by Marta McDowell

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Emily Dickinson's Gardens by Marta McDowell
Before Marta’s latest book on Emily Dickinson, she wrote this book.
As Marta points out at the beginning of this book, Emily Dickinson was a gardener.  She grew up in a family of gardeners.  Emily herself would send bouquets to friends, and she often slipped little flowers in two envelopes alongside her nearly 1,000 letters to friends and family.
Most people think of Emily as a poet or writer; they don't think of her as a gardener. The fact that Marta has written two books about Emily Dickinson's gardening passion is a clue to how vital the activity was in her life.
This first book of Marta’s is a sentimental favorite of mine. And I love that book is arranged by season.
In the section on Winter, Marta talks about the final years of Emily's life, which were a winter of loss. Her father died and then her mother. Emily referred to her house as a House of snow.
Emily wrote,
“I wish, until I tremble, to touch the ones I love before the hills are red - are gray - are white - are ‘born again’! 
If we knew how deep the crocus lay, we never should let her go!”
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