How to Propagate 375 Plants by Richard Rosenfeld

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How to Propagate 375 Plants by Richard Rosenfeld

This book came out in 2018, and the subtitle is A Practical Guide to Propagating Your Own Flowers, Foliage Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Climbers, Wet-Loving Plants, Bog and Water Plants, Vegetables and Herbs.

In this book, Richard gives us a masterclass in propagation. In addition to covering seed planting basics, Richard shows the proper way to take cuttings, so you don’t hurt the parent plant and have a cutting that gives you the best chance at propagation success. Then Richard guides you through dividing plants as well as layering and grafting methods. Best of all, everything is thoroughly explained with step-by-step instructions and photographs. The directory of 375 plants includes growing tips for each species.

This book is 256 pages of a propagation masterclass with sound advice, beautiful photography, and best of all, these propagation skills can be put to use right away in your garden this year.

You can get a copy of How to Propagate 375 Plants by Richard Rosenfeld and support the show using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $18


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