Garden Design Review by Ralf Knoflach and Robert Schäfer

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Garden Design Review by Ralf Knoflach and Robert Schäfer
This book came out in 2018, and the subtitle is Best-designed Gardens and Parks on the Planet. 
Here's what the publisher wrote about this book:
Discover the greatest in garden design: Garden Design Review is the inaugural edition of an exclusive new compendium of the most outstanding projects and products in garden planning and landscape architecture around the world. A garden not only extends living space outdoors; it also enhances the quality of life.
This illustrated garden book presents more than 50 contemporary garden projects from some of the most internationally renowned landscape architects and garden designers.
Now the featured gardens are profiled with beautiful photographs and interviews with the garden designers and the landscape architects, and they share their work process in detail. They include the concept for the property, the materials that they used, and their plant choices. So this book makes for a wonderful behind-the-scenes tutorial.
This book is 256 pages of an indispensable garden guide for professional garden designers and landscape architects as well as home gardeners looking for luxury inspiration.
You can get a copy of Garden Design Review by Ralf Knoflach, and Robert Schäferand support the show using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $62


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