Ken Druse’s New York City Gardener by Ken Druse

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Ken Druse's New York City Gardener by Ken Druse
This book came out in 1996, and the subtitle is A How-To and Source Book for Gardening in the Big Apple.
In this book, one of America’s top horticulturists, Ken Druse, shares his top tips for New York City’s urban gardeners as well as his favorite haunts for resources.
When he wrote this book, Ken gardened in a tiny, shady, 21x50-foot space behind his Brooklyn townhouse. When this book came out, Ken had just bought a two-and-a-half acre plot of land on an island in the middle of a small New Jersey river. And although some things have changed over the years, much of what Ken shares - in this 25-year-old how-to garden classic - remains relevant.
This book is 221 pages of gardening goodness in the Big Apple and timeless inspiration for urban or small-space gardeners.
You can get a copy of Ken Druse's New York City Gardener by Ken Druse and support the show using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $5
Note: When this post was published, out-of-print hardcover copies of this book start at $700.


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