Transform Your Little Free Book Library into a Seed Library for National Seed Swap Day

"I love the idea of Little Seed Libraries popping up nationwide."

Today is National Seed Swap Day - the first one we've had during a global pandemic.

This year, instead of a traditional in-person seed swap, many of us will need to consider sending seeds in the mail or dropping them on the porch of a garden friend.

Earlier this summer, I saw an excellent idea. A woman transformed her Little Free Book Library into a place where you can swap out seeds - a Little Seed Library.

And, if you have leftover seeds after planting or when your flowers are producing seeds, you can always share them in a Little Seed Library or with a garden friend - or you can even share them with people you don't know, thanks to neighborhood apps like NextDoor.

And, if you feel so inclined, consider building a Little Seed Library for your front yard. I think it's such a sweet idea. I love the idea of Little Seed Libraries popping up nationwide.

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National Seed Swap Day
National Seed Swap Day

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