Elephant Ears Tale

Here’s an interesting story that was shared in the Montclair Timesin 1903.
An amateur botanist and his friend were passing by a florist, and they spied an elephant ear.
The botanist asked his friend, "Did you ever taste elephant ears?"
The companion said he never had.
The botanist answered this way:
"It’s a good thing for you - although it is an experience that will remain in your memory for a long time to come. I remember - oh, it seems like a hundred years back, yet the incident & fresh in my mind and as clear as crystal - when three boys were leaning across a wall looking at the plant in a garden. I was one of the boys - and the other two were telling me what a sweet taste elephant leaves had. [...] One of the boys put a piece in his mouth - at least he pretended to - and I agreed to chew some also.
Well, persimmons are as sugar compared to the drawing and bitterness of the elephant leaf. For half an hour after I had put the bit of leaf into my mouth, I drank enough water to float a ship."
If you want to eat elephant ears, it's their tuber that's edible. The leaves and the stem are the most toxic parts of the plant.

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Elephant Ears
Elephant Ears

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