Patrick Browne

Honored with a Golden Statue

Today is the anniversary of the death of the Irish botanist and friend of Linnaeus, Patrick Browne, who died on this day in 1790. 

There are no photographs of Patrick Browne - who was also a physician, but was described this way:

“The Doctor is a tall comely man, of good address and gentle manners, naturally cheerful, very temperate and in general health.”

Browne's major work was The Civil and Natural History of Jamaica,published in 1756 in which he described 104 new species. In fact, Browne's work was the first book in the English language to use Linnaeus' classification system.
Linnaeus was very pleased with Browne's work. He told the botanist Peter Collinson (who was friends with John Bartram and Benjamin Franklin) that after he had read Browne's book, he reflected,

“No author did I ever quit more instructed" and he gushed that Browne, "ought to be honored with a Golden Statue.”

Browne named the genus to which cloves belong: Syzygium aromaticum.

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Patrick Browne
Patrick Browne

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