Green Thoughts by Eleanor Perenyi

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Today's book recommendation: Green Thoughts by Eleanor Perenyi.We lost Eleanor into 2009, at the age of 91.
This book is widely considered by many to be a classic of garden writing. It was Eleanor's only book.
She wrote about working in her Connecticut garden. Perenyi was not a fan of rock gardens, chemical pesticides or petunias.

She once called petunias,

“as hopelessly impractical as a chiffon ball dress”

There are many Wonderful quotes and sayings that are attributed to Eleanor in her book Green Thoughts. Here are a few of my favorites:

“A little studied negligence is becoming to a garden:” 

“The double hoops for peonies are beyond description maddening to unfold and set in place. Two people are needed, one of them with better control of his temper than I have.”

“I ordered a modern purple martin house myself and proceeded to construct a dreadful object: unpainted, it looked like a cheap motel; painted blue and white, it looked like a cheap Greek motel and had to be thrown out.” 


"If you have a garden, a garden podcast, and a library,
you have everything you need."

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