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Tips and Tricks for Poinsettias

November 23, 2005 
On this day, the Arizona Republic newspaper shared tips on Poinsettia care from Jay Harper of Harper’s Nurseries & Flower Shop.
Jay grows Poinsettias from cuttings in his nursery in Mesa. He advised:

  • Important factors in selecting a Poinsettia are where it was grown and how long it had to travel…
  • Your plant should be sturdy, not wilted-looking.
  • Make sure it has not dropped any leaves, which can occur while kept in boxes for shipment.
  • Once you get your Poinsettia home, keep it away from drafts. They don't like the heater draft or the cold air from the door being opened or closed. \
  • Don't put your Poinsettia right inside the doorway either. They are breakable in any high-traffic area if you walk by and brush against them.
  • Place your Poinsettia on a table or in a corner of the room with good bright light and away from the fireplace or other heat sources.
  • Poinsettias are members of the Euphorbiaceae family and produce a milky sap that can be an irritant.
  • For years Poinsettias were considered extremely poisonous, but research has shown that is not the case. While eating the plant may not be lethal, it can make someone sick.
  • If your Poinsettia comes wrapped, either remove the plant from the wrapping and water or poke a hole through the bottom of the wrapping to allow water to escape.
  • They don't like to dry out too much. Poinsettias do better kept a little bit on the moist side.

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Jay Harper
Jay Harper

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