Gardens in the Spirit of Place by Page Dickey

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Gardens in the Spirit of Place by Page Dickey 
This book came out in 2005. It's one of my favorites because of the author, Page, who is fantastic.
And if you remember I've recommended two books by Page already this year, and her most recent one is the book Uprooted, which is all about Paige settling into her new space, her new garden. So if you're in the process of transitioning from one garden to the next, make sure you check out that book.
But today’s book is obviously an earlier book that Page wrote, and it's all about gardens that are really defined by their place in this world.
So think about environments and how environments really dictate what happens in a garden.
Now what's really cool about this particular book is that we get to tour fourteen incredible gardens that are in the United States - and we get to have Page come along as our tour guide.
So, whether you're talking about a garden on Mount Desert Island, Maine, or a Wisconsin garden, or a garden in California, you get to see all kinds of gardens and all kinds of garden ideas.
And of course. the emphasis here is how the garden relates to and is defined by its location, its environment, its surroundings. This is a wonderful topic.
Another thing that's fantastic about Page’s book is the photography. It's absolutely outstanding as per usual.
This book is 192 pages of incredible garden spaces that are defined by their place on this planet.
Right now used copies of this book go for around $8 and that's an incredible deal because new copies go for around $50. So if you're interested in getting one of those act quickly, because I know there'll be gone, if you wait too long,
You can get a copy of Gardens in the Spirit of Place by Page Dickey and support the show using the Amazon Link in today's Show Notes for around $8


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