Rake options in Vermont

Leaf Management

Today's show started with a bit of Monologue about leaves, and I thought I'd share this adorable short advertisement from WC Landon and Company in the Rutland Daily Herald out of Vermont From September 27, 1927:

Whether You Save Your Leaves for excellent cover for garden and lawn or whether you burn them you need a good rake to get them together.
Here are four different kinds, all good
The Japanese Sweep Rake, light and handy, but not for heavy work.......$1.00
The Wood Lawn Rake with 24 teeth, for heavy work .......$1.00
The Hoover Wire Lawn Rake is much favored at ....... 75c
The Brume Rake with flat steel teeth, shaped like the Japanese Sweep, priced at .......$1.00
So, there you go. That's a sweet, little summary of Rake options in Vermont in 1927.

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Rake options in Vermont
Rake options in Vermont

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